Moisture Locking Curl Refresher


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SHIPS JUNE 5 | Revive your curls without frizz or frustration between wash days with our NEW Moisture Locking Curl Refresher, reformulated from our OG Moisture Locking Curl Spray. It's our next-level curl reviver and detangler in one.

What's changed with the new formula? Glad you asked...


💗 Bigger bottle for a lower price per ounce
🧴 Pump closure for easier dispensing
2️⃣ New conditioning + detangling agents for next-level performance
🎋 Bamboo extract for strengthening hair + reducing buildup
🌿 NEW refreshing scent blend with peppermint, lavender, and frankincense

Pump into your hands, apply to areas where you need some de-frizzing and reshaping, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle as needed, then lightly mist with water and voila! Healthy, poppin' curls without tangles, frizz, or buildup: no wash day required.