Eco-Friendly Refill Program

All Bright Body products are packaged in refillable glass and aluminum or compostable cardboard packaging. We have a zero-waste refill & rebate program for our products packaged in glass or aluminum! You can return your empty containers upon repurchase - either return your empties via shipment or at our brick-and-mortar store, Bright Body Boutique, in the Carytown shopping district of Richmond, VA.


  1. Order your goodies.
  2. When you're running low, order again. Select "I have empty containers to return" in the cart.
  3. Please give your empty containers a good rinse with soap and water. This helps us tremendously since we clean and sanitize each and every empty container by hand. Please reuse the same packing materials that your order arrived in to cushion the containers for their trip back to us.
  4. When your new product arrives, place your clean bottles and/or jars in the refill box & attach the prepaid return label. Leave in your mailbox, drop off at the post office, or at a UPS Store.
  5. We clean, sanitize, and reuse your empties.


  1. Buy your goodies.
  2. When you're out, please give your empty containers a good rinse with soap and water. This helps us tremendously since we clean and sanitize each empty container by hand.
  3. When you're out, bring your clean empty container with you when you buy again.
  4. We clean, sanitize, and reuse your empties.