Custom Ayurvedic Face Mask Kit


Build your customized Ayurvedic face mask kit for your skin's perfect mask, every time. Think: a smoothie bar, but for face masks! If you're overwhelmed by the choices here, check out our Premixed Ayurvedic Face Mask Kit.

Each kit comes with:
+ A custom powder blend of our tridoshic BASE for all skin types + up to 3 BOOSTERS of your choice for your specific skin concerns. All powders are pre-mixed and packaged together for quick and efficient masking at home.
+ A liquid ACTIVATOR of your choice for your specific skin concerns.

Complete your kit with our a la carte add-ons for a luxurious at-home mask experience:
+ A bamboo scoop for accurate measuring
+ A face mask brush for a hands-free, even application
+ A face mask bowl for easy, mess-free mixing

Want to learn more about all the ingredients? Read our comprehensive guide.

Our tridoshic base is made with 5 gentle yet effective ingredients for all skin types. The base composes 30% of your powder blend.

BASE INGREDIENTS. kaolin clay, colloidal oatmeal, calendula powder*, gotu kola powder*, aloe vera powder*
*certified organic

Choose up to 3 Boosters to build your perfect mask.

  1. PLUMP for fine lines and wrinkles. sea buckthorn fruit powder*, shatavari powder*, amla powder*, bala powder*, manjistha powder*, frankincense powder*
  2. PURIFY for acne + clogged pores. turmeric powder*, rhassoul clay, manjistha powder*, amla powder*, neem powder*, sandalwood powder*
  3. CALM for rosacea + redness. bhringaraj powder*, chamomile powder*, amla powder*, neem powder*, sandalwood powder*
  4. BRIGHTEN for dark spots + UV damage. sea buckthorn fruit powder*, turmeric powder*, holy basil powder*, frankincense powder*, sandalwood powder*
  5. GLOW for dullness + lackluster skin. shatavari powder*, holy basil powder*, bhringaraj powder*, manjistha powder*, bala powder*, sandalwood powder*
  6. SMOOTH for dryness + roughness. bhringaraj powder*, chamomile powder*, sea buckthorn powder*, shatavari powder*, turmeric powder*
  7. BALANCE for excessive oiliness. neem powder*, amla powder*, bentonite clay, holy basil powder*, birch bark powder*

Want to learn more about these ingredients? Read about their properties, energetics, and benefits here.

*certified organic
Choose 1 Activator to complement your Boosters. Use this guide to identify which Activators pair best with your Boosters of choice.

  1. Manuka Honey
  2. Aloe Serum. water, vegetable glycerin*, aloe vera powder*, gluconodeltalactone and sodium benzoate, sodium alginate
  3. Oat Milk. water, gluten-free oats*, xanthan gum, gluconodeltalactone and sodium benzoate

*certified organic

Mix equal parts powder and liquid. Mix thoroughly until no clumps remain. Apply a thin, even coat to face and neck. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes or until it just begins to harden. Rinse with warm (not hot) water.