Bulk Detangling Mist


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  • *This is a bulk product for wholesale clients only.*

    Easily manage knots and tangles with the NEW Detangling Mist, formulated for use on wet or dry hair of all types and textures. Gentle enough for babies, but effective even for adults.

    Whether straight hair, curls, or coils, the Detangling Mist helps smooth and detangle without fuss, tears, or breakage.

    Available in 3 scents (including an unscented option), the Detangling Mist detangles, smooths, and de-frizzes without buildup or a greasy feel.

    - A base of organic aloe juice 🌿 alongside hydrosols of 🌹 rose + rosemary soothe and hydrate hair and scalp
    - A sunflower-derived detangling agent 🌻 improves combability
    - Marshmallow extract + vegetable glycerin 💧 lock in hydration
    - Jojoba oil provides biosimilar moisture 🧬 without greasiness
    - Bamboo extract 🎋 strengthens hair and minimizes buildup

    Available in a bulk gallon.

    How To Use: Mist liberally and evenly on wet or dry hair, then use a comb to work out tangles. Start with ends of hair, working up toward roots. Spray the comb itself for extra oomph. Style as you like.