The Perfect Moisturizing Set

Ayurvedic Facial Oil

Bundle your Ayurvedic Facial Oil + Hydrating Gel together and save $6. Our Hydrating Gel is a lightweight, water-based moisturizer for all skin types that hydrates, firms, and plumps skin for a healthy glow. Soaks in quickly and leaves a silky, non-greasy finish. Our Ayurvedic Facial Oils offer nourishing, non-greasy moisture for soft, glowing skin. Each of the three formulas absorbs quickly and balances your unique skin type. Minimizes signs of aging, reduces breakouts, balances your skin's natural oil production, evens out your complexion, and much more.

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The Hydrating Gel is formulated for all skin types.

Each of the 3 formulas has special properties and benefits:

  • Our Vata formula banishes dry and dull skin, smooths fine lines & wrinkles, fades hyperpigmentation, promotes microcirculation, and calms reactivity.
  • Our Pitta formula reduces inflammation, treats and prevents acne, regulates  oils, soothes redness and irritation, and calms reactivity.
  • Our Kapha formula stimulates circulation, treats and prevents cystic acne, reduces puffiness, combats clogged pores, and regulates oils.
  1. While face is damp with water or our Ayurvedic Universal Toning Mist, apply a pea to dime-sized amount of Hydrating Gel and apply evenly to face and neck.
  2. Apply 4-8 drops of Facial Oil while the Hydrating Gel is still wet. Also works well as a makeup primer.

For more guidance on how to achieve the best results, read our Skin Care Guide.

We believe in total transparency. Below is a complete list of each and every ingredient in our formulas - we list everything while other brands won't disclose ingredients that make up less than 1% of their formulas. Every ingredient has the safest rating from the Environmental Working Group. To learn more about our ingredient standards, click here.

Hydrating Gelaloe vera juice (water, aloe vera powder*), water, alkyl benzoate, glyceryl stearate, calendula hydrosol*, rose hydrosol*, helichrysum hydrosol*, vegetable glycerin*, gluconodeltalactone and sodium benzoate, sodium alginate, sodium hyaluronate, ginseng extract, gotu kola extract, citric acid, geranium essential oil, basil essential oil
*certified organic

Vata Ayurvedic Facial Oil. rosehip oil*, apricot kernel oil*, black cumin seed oil*, safflower oil*, carrot seed oil*, gotu kola extract, sweet fennel essential oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil, vetiver essential oil, basil essential oil
*certified organic

Pitta Ayurvedic Facial Oil. raspberry seed oil, pomegranate seed oil*, jojoba oil*, black cumin seed oil*, evening primrose oil*, turmeric extract, sweet fennel essential oil, vetiver essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, peppermint essential oil
*certified organic

Kapha Ayurvedic Facial Oil. pomegranate seed oil*, raspberry seed oil, safflower oil*, black cumin seed oil*, apricot kernel oil*, myrrh extract, basil essential oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, ginger essential oil
*certified organic

These are the most up-to-date ingredient lists and may differ from product packaging.