Our Brand Values

The business is political.

We’ve all heard the phrase “the personal is political.” We believe that the business is political, too. We unapologetically lead our progressive values in everything we do.

We believe Black Lives Matter, science is real, women’s rights are human rights, abortion is healthcare, love is love, no human beings are illegal, and feminism is for everyone. We embrace the fact that this will repel certain people, and that is by design.

We believe in using our small business as a force for good, and we donate 1% of our sales to the Center for Reproductive Rights. Why? Reproductive justice is one of the issues that unites us all: we are all born, and we deserve to have whatever we need to live with (or without) children in safe and sustainable communities. Reproductive justice is EVERYTHING.

Transparency is key.

While the FDA allows brands to obfuscate their fragrance ingredients, and ingredients less than 1% of the formula can be left off labels, we have nothing to hide. We proudly share all our ingredients and our processes behind choosing (and not choosing) our raw materials.

Our view of transparency extends beyond just ingredients to the way we do business. We welcome questions about any part of our process and share as much as we can without revealing proprietary information such as suppliers and formulations.

People + planet over profit.

We believe that imperfect sustainability is not a marketing tool, but the vehicle with which we make all decisions. We prioritize people – our team, our customers, our communities, and beyond – and planet over profit, because money means nothing if it comes at the expense of the Earth.

We focus on imperfect sustainability because perfectionism is (1) rooted in white supremacy and (2) leaves people stuck in inaction due to fear and shame of “not doing enough” or “doing the wrong thing.” We refuse to use shame as a tool to motivate sustainable changes in our team and among our current and prospective customer base.

Facts and nuance over fear.

The “nontoxic” and “clean” products industry is full of alarmism and fear mongering. Instead, we focus on empowering our customers with information and the “why” behind our nuanced judgment calls.

We always explore nuance over false binaries and fear.

Our Company Values

Life before business.

We are all human beings before we are workers. Your personal and family needs always come ahead of business.

We cross-train so that team members can jump in and cover tasks as other team members need time away from work. All team members support one another as the whole human beings we are.

This means that you don’t need to ask for permission to get time off – you simply need to communicate your needs and limitations with the team and find coverage of your role, whether it’s for planned time off or an emergency.

Simple systems make it smooth.

To make life before business a reality, we have simple, documented systems for all business processes that can be easily learned and followed.

The entire team is responsible for creating, following, maintaining, editing, and updating systems as needed to make our business processes as smooth as possible.

Simple systems make cross-training possible, and allow us for more ease and spaciousness in how we operate the business.

Clear is kind.

We value candid and kind communication, clear feedback, and strong boundaries with one another and with our customers.

We have clear guidelines for pickup appointments, working hours, consultations, return policies, and more, and we unapologetically enforce them without guilt.

Empowered autonomy and accountability.

Cross training, clear and kind communication, and simple systems mean that every employee is empowered with the tools to have autonomy and flexibility in their role. While traditional corporate environments are rife with micromanagement, we instill trust in our employees so they can take ownership of their duties and reclaim their empowered autonomy.

We take ownership of our successes and mistakes without shame or blame, focusing instead on what can be learned and how we can move forward.

A growth mindset is everything.

An openness to learn, unlearn, relearn, and grow in the business is the #1 skill that we value in our team members. To truly succeed, all employees – even the CEO – are open to constantly learning and growing personally and professionally.