Bulk Booty Barrier Cream


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  • *This is a bulk product for wholesale clients only.*

    Protect your baby's booty from diaper rash and irritation using our Booty Barrier Cream with 14% zinc oxide.

    This unscented cream forms a protective barrier on baby's booty while softening skin, sealing out moisture to keep skin healthy and happy.

    - Shea butter and beeswax seal out wetness
    - Jojoba esters, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil soften
    - Non-nano zinc oxide forms a protective barrier
    - Free of petroleum and its derivatives

    Available in 4 oz glass jar and 0.5 oz glass jar.

    How To Use: Apply generously to baby's clean and dry booty after diaper changes.

    P.S. The Booty Barrier Cream is not available in a Refill Pouch because it is just too thick to squeeze!