June 01, 2020 3 min read

I first started studying Ayurveda a few years before I launched Bright Body, and have continued my studies with great teachers since. There are Ayurvedic principles in all of our goodies, and we are in the process of developing more explicitly Ayurvedic products.

In June 2020, we're launching our trio of Ayurvedic Body Oils (to parallel our Ayurvedic Facial Oils). To celebrate this launch we're hosting a free 5-week webinar seriesall about Ayurveda, held on IG Live. This is the 2nd in our 5-week series, on Ayurvedic nutrition. We're reposting the full video on IGTV and also breaking up the full video into shorter clips. Keep scrolling for the full video and the shorter clips.


Full Video (59:11)


Tip 1: Prioritize Prana-Rich Foods

The Ayurvedic view of food prioritizes foods rich in prana (life force), which correlates loosely to the concept of nutrient density in allopathic nutrition. All doshas should emphasize food rich in prana. Watch this clip to learn what types of foods are considered high and low in prana.


Tip 2: Decode Dosha through your Tongue + your Poo

This video clip is a crash course on dosha and agni - a must watch for Ayurveda newbies. Once you understand the fundamentals, you can learn a lot about what's going on in the body by paying attention to your tongue and your poos. Learn how to decode what your body is telling you and make simple, intuitive adjustments.


Tip 3: Balance your Digestion by TASTE + the 80/20 Rule

Watch this clip to learn about all 6 Ayurvedic rasa (tastes), examples of each, and how to eat for your dosha. Learn which tastes to emphasize and minimize (and WHY). Eat for your dosha 80% of the time and you get 20% food freedom.


Tip 4: Be Mindful of your Food Combinations

The Ayurvedic concept of incompatible food combining is not covered in allopathic nutrition. Watch this clip to learn the most common improper food combinations (and WHY).


Tip 5: Mind + Manage your Ama

Ama (toxins) have the exact opposite qualities of your digestive fire (agni) - managing your ama is key to proper digestion and overall vitality. Watch this clip to learn the signs & symptoms of high ama and some ama-curing herbs by dosha.


Tip 6: Establish Routines + Rituals around your Food

HOW you eat is just as important as WHAT you eat. Watch this clip to learn some simple habits for better digestion.




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