All Purpose Wonder Balm


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  • Your go-to remedy for soothing sensitive, irritated skin. Whether it's eczema, cradle cap, or rough patches, the All Purpose Wonder Balm does the trick to moisturize while leaving baby's skin velvety smooth all day long without any greasy residue.

    Our unscented Wonder Balm offers the perfect mix of water-based hydration and oil-based moisture to give sensitive skin exactly what it needs:

    - Calming chamomile and moisture-binding glycerin hydrate
    - Hydrolyzed quinoa protein soothes irritation and speeds healing
    - Shea butter, apricot seed oil, and jojoba esters soften and seal in moisture

    Suitable for skin ranging from newborn to mature, this multitasker can also be used as a grown-up daily moisturizer or belly cream.

    Available in 3.5 oz glass jar, 3.5 oz squeezable aluminum refill pouch, and 0.5 oz glass jar.

    How To Use: Dab onto affected area(s) and gently pat or rub in. Can be applied to dry or wet skin.