Uplifted: Room & Linen Spray

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  • Our Uplifted Room & Linen Spray is designed specifically for lethargy and low mood. Formulated using principles of Ayurveda and aromatherapy to be uplifting and balancing for sluggish Kapha dosha.

    Prefer something you can wear on your skin? Try Uplifted in a roll-on.

    Uplifted smells how a hug feels: bright and refreshing while also warm and cozy. This well-rounded blend of 7 essential oils will boost your energy and lift your mood without making you feel overstimulated or anxious. You'll enjoy a complex blend of:

    Top note: blood orange
    Middle notes: rosemary, sage
    Base notes: cinnamon, clove, fir, frankincense

    Uplifted and all of our other scents are made in homage to my great uncle Ernie (1924-2003) who was a famous custom perfumer. I can't pretend to approximate his level of genius but I hope to do him justice.