Salt Texturizing Hair Spray
Salt Texturizing Hair Spray
Salt Texturizing Hair Spray

Salt Texturizing Hair Spray


This texturizing styling spray gives you the hold, texture, and pliability of a light-hold hairspray without all the harmful chemicals. Plus, the epsom salt and aloe condition while adding texture and volume. This alcohol-free formula will give your hair texture without any of the dryness you'd expect from traditional salt sprays.

Spray at the roots to add some volume, from mid to the ends of your hair for some beachy texture, or as a gentle mist all over your hair to help hold your style in place.

REFILL + REBATE. Bright Body products are refillable and zero waste. Upon repurchase, return your empty container(s) through our eco-friendly refill program.

  1. Shake the bottle vigorously before using.
  2. Spray as desired, 6” away from your head, at the root and mid-shaft of the hair.
  3. Style as you want the hair to set, since the salt will give you some hold.

distilled water, organic Epsom salt, aloe vera gel (distilled water, organic aloe vera powder, xanthan gum), lactobacillus ferment., Himalayan sea salt, peppermint essential oil

Store out of direct sunlight, ideally in a cabinet or drawer. Properly stored, this product will last up to 9 months.

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