Limited Edition Mini: Gentle Toner


AVAILABLE IN A MINI for a LIMITED TIME ONLY . This alcohol-free, pH balanced toner refreshesnourishes skin's acid mantle, and cleans deep into pores without drying or irritating. Perform best when paired with our Facial Washes.
  • Gentle for sensitive skin - chamomile tea, geranium essential oil
  1. Wash and gently pat your face dry.
  2. Mist lightly over the entire face. To enhance absorption of all your skincare, apply oil-based moisturizers while toner is still wet. You can also saturate a cotton ball or pad with the toner, and gently sweep the cotton ball over your entire face.

Gentle. distilled water, rice water (distilled water, sushi rice), organic rose hydrosol, organic alcohol-free witch hazel, lactobacillus and cocos nucifera extract, lactobacillus ferment, organic apple cider vinegar, organic vegetable glycerin, organic aloe vera powder, organic geranium essential oil, chamomile tea

Store out of direct sunlight with the cap closed. Product may slightly darken over time and will have sediment from the teas and herbs in the formula - this is normal as long as the scent has not changed. Properly stored, this product will last up to 9 months.