"Within two weeks of using the balancing toner, my pores appeared smaller, my skin was noticeably tighter, and my overall skin texture was smoother and more even. I use it morning and night on a cotton pad. I love the smell, and it is very refreshing. I use this product in conjunction with the makeup remover, balancing facial wash, and the light facial cream." - Makenzie K. (Balancing Toner)

"The whipped body cream is fabulous! A little goes a long way - and it makes my hands feel very silky. Love the scent, too!" - Lise (Whipped Body Cream)

"I was lucky enough to get early access to the floral scented deodorant and I LOVE it. I applied it the first evening after my shower and I still smelled fresh the next morning! The scent is not overpowering and does a great job keeping me smell fresh all day!" - Rachel (Deodorant)

"I switched to Bright Body products when I was diagnosed with rosacea. The redness and breakouts were uncomfortable and I didn't want to take chances that chemical-laden products were making it worse. This toner is light and soothing, perfect for use on my occasionally angry skin. I still get occasional flare-ups, but the rosacea seems to be under control. I definitely recommend this for folks with sensitive skin!" - Melisa (Gentle Toner

"As someone who is always looking for a good handcream this is great! It is not oily, and leaves my hands feeling and looking moisturized for a lot longer than most lotions!" - Lindsey (Whipped Body Cream)

"I have thick, course, curly, frizzy uncontrollable hair and tried A LOT of products trying to tame my mane. I was also trying to stay away from chemicals (the no poo method was a nightmare for me). I stumbled upon this amazing BrightBody product in December. I absolutely love it. ABSOLUTELY love it. It makes my hair much more manageable and my hair feels soft. It's hard for me to believe it works so well on my hair....but it does. I'm actually growing it longer because I can now tame my tresses. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product." - Carol B. (Flaxseed & Oat Protein Curly Hair Gel)

"I am admittedly terrible about taking care of my skin, especially in the moisturizing department. This cream feels so light and smells so pleasant that I have used it every morning since I purchased it, simply because it delights me. My skin tends towards the drier side and this cream rubs in beautifully and makes my face feel very soft. I have no doubt that it is doing wonders for my skin and I will definitely be purchasing the heavier cream for the drier, winter months." - Shelly (Light Facial Cream)

"I use your hair products and I love them. They calmed my flaking winter scalp, which I would get every season for as long as I can remember. I tried T-Gel and all sorts of shampoos and old wives tricks and nothing worked except for your products, so thank you!!" - Erin (Complete Straight Hair Cleansing System)

"I switched to Bright Body products a few weeks ago when I was diagnosed with rosacea. The redness and breakouts were uncomfortable and I didn't want to take chances that chemical-laden products were making it worse. This moisturizer is light and soft but lasts all day! If you're concerned about the (organic) oil base - don't be! My face reacts badly to many products but it loves this one. I definitely recommend it for folks with sensitive skin!" - Melisa (Whipped Facial Cream)

"I am loving this combo and am planning to buy the full size of each once I’ve used up these sample sizes. Each smell so fresh, and the cream is luxuriously soft. I feel like my skin is glowing after applying it, too." - Catherine (Bestselling Skincare Kit)

"I have baby-fine thinning short hair, but it curls like mad in humidity, and frizzes so much I had NO control! This gel is amazing! It makes my hair feel soft, look smooth, and I don't have to impose an iron styling fist (gels, sprays, things that make it crunchy and weird) to have a beautiful style. I can't stop touching it! It feels soft and bouncy, with much more body than I could imagine with its fine texture. Yay for Bright Body!" - Melisa (Flaxseed & Oat Protein Curly Hair Gel)

"I am in love with the shampoo... and have been quickly spreading the news about your products to all my friends. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!" -Skye P. (Oat & Aloe Straight Hair Cleanser)

"The moisture locking curl spray is magic!!! To be able to take my hair from an outrageous tangled blob on top of my head to beautiful curls again with like 2 sprays and a little water is amazing!!" - Michelle B. (Moisture Locking Curl Spray)

"I was hesitant at first to use a natural deodorant, but I actually really like this product! I have sensitive skin, and this works well for me. The floral scent is also really nice and light." - Lindsey (Deodorant)

"I use the light facial cream morning and night, and even under my makeup. About one fingerprint's worth is plenty for during the day to prep my skin for makeup, and at night I use about two fingerprint's worth to really treat my skin overnight. It smells amazing and is not overly heavy. It delivers some of the most intense moisture I've ever experienced! I use this product in conjunction with the makeup remover, balancing facial wash, and balancing toner." - Makenzie K (Light Facial Cream)

"I’ve been trying different natural deodorants over the past couple of years and can say this is the best yet! I haven’t had any irritation, the lavendar/rosemary scent is refreshing and earthy, and the texture is just right: soft enough to rub on without being goopy. I appreciate now being able to support a local business with this every day product, too." - Catherine (Deodorant)

"I have never been so impressed with a hair product in my life! The leave-in conditioner and rinse have really made a difference. After using your product a few times, already my hair has shine, is moisturized, and doesn't look a complete mess anymore. I am super grateful and I really am a fan now. My 5-year-old has long hair and hates when we have to brush it after baths and he was so calm after I put the leave-in conditioner in his hair and brushed through it without a peep. His hair even smells good after a whole day of play!" - Gina I. (Post-Wash Herbal Lemon Rinse & Straight Hair Leave-in Conditioner Spray)

"This curl spray is fantastic! Gives me soft, hydrated, non-sticky curls without any heaviness. I have fine hair but I notice more curl action in my hair with this product than ever before! Love it!" - Christina (Moisture Locking Curl Spray)

"I'm really picky. Not because I want to be, but because I have skin sensitivities and still like my hair to be styled and enjoy good skincare products. When I met the owner of Bright Body and tried the products; I fell in LOVE. My favorite, by far, is the Curl Gel! Just the right amount of hold and it never irritates my skin like most curl products do." - Jennifer (Flaxseed & Oat Protein Curly Hair Gel)

"I actually bought the cleanser and rinse separately, so I do not have the leave-in conditioner. These products work so well together. A no-foam hair-care system is strange at first, but the results are proof enough. I have shoulder-length, thick straight hair and both the cleanser and rinse were perfect. My hair feels light, oil-free, and soft. My hair looks bright and shiny, and smells awesome. These products turned my whole bathroom into a spa." - Shannon (Complete Straight Hair Cleansing System)

"I knew from the first use that these products were special, different. I appreciate using locally made products with ingredients I can trust. My hair feels wonderful, healthy and clean. I have found Bright Body products to be a great value for exceptional products. Oh and the free sample of body moisturizer I received....love that too!" - Ronda L. (Oat & Aloe Straight Hair Cleanser)

"I have only been using it for a few days, but the smell alone is worth a 5 star review. I have wavy hair that waffles between more curly or stick straight but is always thick and prone to frizz. So far this product has seemed to do a suitable job of taming down that frizz and giving it a lovely shine. I'm excited to see how it holds up in the summer months when the humidity is higher but I am quite optimistic." - Shelly (Straight Hair Leave-in Conditioner Spray)

"The whipped facial cream is ah-mah-zing and it lasts forever. Way better than any L'Oreal or Oil of Olay product - I don't know what's in those!" - Jennifer H. (Whipped Facial Cream)