Refill & Rebate

We are phasing out our plastic packaging and moving toward refillable glass and aluminum packaging. As we move away from plastic, we are implementing a zero-waste refill & rebate program! You'll be able to return your empty containers for a rebate - either return your empties via shipment or at select stockists.


  1. Order your goodies.
  2. When you're running low, order again.
  3. When your new product arrives, place your empty bottles and/or jars in the refill box & attach the prepaid return label (yes, we cover the shipping costs to return your empties). Mail it off!
  4. Once we've received your empties, you'll get a rebate! We sanitize & reuse your empties.


  1. Buy your goodies.
  2. When you're out, bring your empty container with you when you buy again. You will get your rebate as a discount on your repeat purchase.
  3. We periodically pick up (or ship) the empties from our stockists, who also get a rebate on their next wholesale order. We sanitize & reuse your empties.