Our Products

Natural + pure. We use only the highest quality ingredients for beautiful results. No fillers, no junk, just concentrated goodness.

Safest rated ingredients. Bright Body products contain only the Environmental Working Group's safest-rated ingredients.

Organic ingredients. We use as many organic ingredients as possible.

Herbal + food grade ingredients. Many of our products contain ingredients you can find in your kitchen and herbs you grow in your garden.

Vegan + cruelty-free. No animal products or byproducts. No animal testing ever.

Handmade in small batches. Yes, we really do make all our products by hand from start to finish. Our small batch philosophy means we can guarantee a high-performing, consistent product experience.

Zero waste. Our products are packaged in refillable glass and aluminum and compostable cardboard containers. You get $1 back when returning your empties upon repurchasing new goodies. Then, we sanitize and reuse your empties!