Chloe Cubbage

constitution = Vata-Pitta

primary imbalance = Vata (joint issues, EDS, POTS, bloating, irregular poos)


  1. Decrease consumption of raw foods! Cook your veggies, don't mix raw and cooked foods. Keep preferring rice over quinoa.
  2. Increase consumption of warm and room temp drinks (minimize iced coffee, go for "chilled" coffee). Think: warm herbal teas like ginger, peppermint, tulsi (holy basil).
  3. Increase use of warming spices! You tend to prefer the classic Pitta pacifying spices which can be great for inflammation but your Vata gut needs more warming spices to keep bloating at bay. Think: most spices that are yellow, brown, and red. Go easy with super spicy flavors, just don't be afraid of using more seasoning overall.
  4. Cook with more good oils/fats: ghee, sesame oil.
  5. Keep eating fruit solo, at least 30 minutes apart from other meals! Keep spacing out full meals at least 3 hours.


  1. When you run, try to plan your runs between 6-10 AM or 6-10 PM.
  2. Incorporate more STRENGTHENING into your routine - weights, targeted PT, strength-based yoga. This is absolutely essential to being able to increase your runs in a safe and balanced way, especially for your joints.
  3. Try to keep your swimming during the summer. Depending on the temperature of the water, it can be too cooling for Vata people during Fall and Winter.

*Private sessions with Gabi*

GOAL: improve pain, increase strength, support the joints so that you can enjoy running without issue. Stabilize those EDS joints!

RECOMMENDATION: Start with 2X weekly for 4ish weeks so that we can clock some progress, establish a routine, and build strength from the start. I'll give you little bits of "homework" between our sessions. We'll do check-ins every 4 weeks to decide when/how to reduce the frequency of the classes. The ultimate goal is to get you empowered and prepared to continue the practice on your own, supplemented by a "maintenance" private lesson (~1X monthly or every other month) to keep you accountable and give you a chance to ask questions, learn more, and deepen your practice.

PACKAGES: a la carte $85/session, OR

You have 1 year from the date of your first session to redeem your private lessons.


  1. Triphala is a tridoshic, classical digestive formulation. Each night before bed, dissolve 1/2 tsp of Triphala powder in hot water. Do not combine with dairy unless you want to be running to the bathroom in the morning! This will help with regular BMs and is tridoshic.
  2. Guduchi is a warming herb that is suited for both Vata and Pitta. It helps with blood purification (for suspected heavy metal toxicity), reducing toxins in the tissues (EDS joints), reduces joint inflammation, and more. Start with 1/4 tsp dissolved in hot water, 20 minutes after breakfast and dinner. As your digestion regulates itself, you can switch to taking this before meals.

*with all herbs, stir into hot water and allow to evenly dissolve. Let cool until it is hot but not scalding, then drink completely.