What is Ayurveda & how can it help me? 

Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and originated 5000 years ago in the Indus River Valley of modern Pakistan. As Vedic civilization entered the Iron Age, Ayurvedic scholars established the rigorous theoretical basis for Ayurveda and wrote them in the texts of Ayurveda, which were later refined over centuries of study and practice.

The roots of the word are 'ayur,' meaning life, and 'veda,' meaning knowledge. Ayurveda is a holistic life science encompassing the well-being of mind, body, and spirit. Rather than treating a diagnosis, Ayurveda focuses on treating the whole person - imbalances and all - and finding balance.

This ancient science uses the elements (space, air, fire, water, and earth), qualities, and energetics in a clear framework to explain our minds and bodies. Ayurveda believes that we all are unique, and we have differing needs based on our individual constitutions - in Western terminology, Ayurveda takes your genetic blueprint into account when it comes to deciding what you need for optimal health. 

Ayurveda gives us guidance on how to manage our imbalances & live in harmony with our unique constitution. Ayurvedic wisdom gives us recommendations on:

Whether you have chronic illness(es) or are a relatively "healthy" person looking to manage the stresses of life, Ayurveda can offer you guidance on living your best life.

Bright Body's founder, Gabi Day, offers Ayurvedic Health Consultations.

Bright Body Gabi Day Yoga Teacher Ayurvedic Counselor

In addition to being a 500-hour certified yoga instructor, Gabi is also an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. She completed her training with Arpita Shah in 2017 and has continued learning about the science of Ayurveda through dedicated self-study.

Your Ayurvedic consultation package ($100) includes:

1. 75-minute initial consultation (can be done in person or via video call).

2. unique, password-protected portal on our site that contains all of your personalized recommendations (and resources) for:

3. 45-minute follow-up consultation

4. support via phone & email

If you're interested, you can add on video and/or audio recordings of personalized yoga, breathing, and meditation practices to your package (rates vary on the number and length of recording(s) you would like).

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