Post-Wash Herbal Lemon Rinse
Post-Wash Herbal Lemon Rinse

Post-Wash Herbal Lemon Rinse


*NEW SIZE* Now available in an 8 oz full-size and a 2.7 oz mini.

This is the best hair care product you've never heard of and your best bet for a healthy scalp and tresses. This daily-use Rinse serves three purposes:

  1. to pH balance your hair and scalp,
  2. to condition and add shine, and
  3. to remove buildup from your hair
For use after Bright Body hair cleansers on wash days and by itself on in-between wash days.

REFILL PROGRAM. Bright Body products are refillable and zero waste. Upon repurchase, return your empty container(s) through our eco-friendly refill program.
Can be used after using our Shampoos and Conditioners, or by itself between full wash days. Must be used on wet hair and rinsed completely.
  1. Apply the Post Wash Herbal Lemon Rinse from roots to ends, finger-combing through for light, even product distribution. Let sit for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. 
water, apple cider vinegar*, lemon juice*, sage*, rosemary*, mint*, xanthan gum, gluconodeltalactone and sodium benzoate
*certified organic
  • Apple cider vinegar - balances pH, helps remove buildup, conditions and boost hair shine.
  • Sage - calms dry skin conditions like dandruff and minimizes excess oils.
  • Mint - soothes scalp irritation with natural anti-itch properties.
  • Rosemary - calms dry skin conditions like dandruff.

We continuously refine and improve our formulations, so this list is subject to change! This is the most up-to-date ingredient list and may differ from product packaging.

This product can be stored in the shower with the cap closed. Avoid introducing water directly to the bottle. Properly stored, this product will last up to 9 months.

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