The Future of Bright Body Packaging - What to Expect & When

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Survey says...

The survey results are in, and the response was overwhelmingly positive for switching to aluminum & glass packaging. I've already done research and chosen suppliers for our future containers and closures, and I want to share them with you so you'll know what to expect with our upcoming look & our future rebate program.

First question first...when will these changes happen? Once I'm out of our current BPA-free, PET plastic packaging - both in terms of current inventory already packaged in plastic and the inventory that I'll be making in the near future. I have a small stock of unfilled plastic jars and bottles that I'll need to get through before I start ordering the new stuff. I estimate that we will be switched over to 100% aluminum & glass by June 2019.

So what will products look like?

Bright Body Aluminum Bottle 4 ozBright Body Spray Top

Bright Body 16 oz aluminum bottleBright Body Pump Top

Bright Body 4 oz glass jar

  • Our Clear Skin Potion, currently packaged in 1 oz. clear plastic jars with caps, will be switched to a 1 oz. frosted glass jar with cap, like this:

1 oz frosted glass jar

  • Our Facial Exfoliant will continue to be packaged in a 2 oz. frosted glass bottle with metal cap.
  • Our Deodorant will be the only product to remain in plastic packaging, since twist-up solid deodorant packaging is only available in plastic. 

Pricing Changes & Empty Container Rebates

In order to account for the considerable increase in packaging costs, you can expect the following price increases and rebates:

products in 4 oz. bottles with sprayers $3 $2
products in 8 oz. bottles with pumps $3 $2
products in 16 oz. bottles with pumps $4 $3
products in 4 oz. jars $2 $1
clear skin potion jars $4 $3

Please note: these price increases won't take effect until the products are available in their new packaging.

Refill & Rebate Program

Drop off your empties with me when I'm at any of my pop-up events. I will clean and sterilize them and you get your rebate as a discount while you're at the event. I still haven't figured out my approach for people are aren't local to Richmond or if you can't make it out to an event. I have to do a little more research on return shipping costs, so stay tuned on that front!


I'm excited to be moving towards this shift towards making Bright Body as sustainable as possible. Are you looking forward to our new packaging and rebate program?!

Until next time,

Gabi Day

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