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I get a lot of questions about what products we plan on creating and selling in the future. I love playing around with new ingredients and formulas, and continuous R&D is something that’s super important to me as a person and Bright Body as a company.

The biggest barrier to putting out new products faster is the cost of printing hundreds of labels. In the past, in order to speed up product release, I’ve partnered with service-based businesses (like Luna Aesthetics & Spa) to help me pay for the Bright Body labels in addition to a 1” round sticker featuring the collaborating business’s logo. That 1” round sticker gets featured prominently on any product(s) for which they purchased labels. In exchange, I offer a deeper wholesale discount for a defined period of time. If you or someone you know owns a business that might be interested in carrying any of the products below, encourage them to reach out via our Contact page! I’m always looking to connect with likeminded businesses.

Before I tell you what I will be working on in the coming months, let me tell you what I don’t ever plan on making and why:

  1. Makeup. Teaching myself the chemistry of hair and skincare is complex enough, and creating makeup formulas is much more complex because of color. Plus, makeup production requires a lot of expensive equipment and related technology. There are so many great companies that make wonderful clean, natural, high-performing makeup (check out my previous blog posts here, here, here, and here), so I don’t need to get in on it, too!
  2. Lip products. Mac’s Smack makes fantastic lip products and is local to RVA. Why reinvent the wheel when McKenzie is killing that game?
  3. Bar soap/bar products of any kind. There are a ton of wonderful brands that already do a great job with natural and organic soaps (Cricket Cove Soap Co., Naked Goat Soap Co., Freckled Farm Soap Company, Bon Air Naturals, Henry & June Soap Co.) so again, I don’t need to reinvent the wheel! I also get questions about shampoo bars. While that may be a zero-waste option, all soap is, by definition, alkaline. There is no way around it. You do not want to use alkaline products on your hair long-term because it will cause long-term damage.

Here’s something that won’t be released for another several yearsand why:

  1. Sunscreen. The cost of insuring this product is astronomical for a small business. My yearly insurance premium would increase more than fivefold (no exaggeration), and that’s not a cost I can take on anytime soon.

Alright, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can tell you what I AM working on and I would love your feedback on the poll below:

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