12 Misconceptions about Skin Care

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I love going to pop-up markets. I love meeting new people and answering questions all about our products and skincare in general. I've done a lot of research and learning in the process of starting Bright Body and I continue to expand my knowledge as I develop new products, read, and attend workshops. And when I'm at pop-up events, I hear a lot of misconceptions about how the skin actually works and how best to care for it. So in the spirit of my not-so-secret inner geek, I've made a QUIZ for you to test your knowledge on what I've found to be 12 of the most misunderstood concepts in skincare - everything from pH to oils best for acne to who can benefit from lymph drainage.

If you're a fan of skincare, I bet you'll really enjoy this 12-question quiz! It includes detailed explanations of the right answer for every question. Enjoy!


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